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Signal 11 on Solaris 2.7

Greetings to all of this list.

I'am new to this list and to hylafax.
I'v been trying to compile and install hylafax on our server during the last
Unfortunately, i encountered a few problems compiling this stuff. Finally, i
get it compiled, even with help of the mailing list archive of hylafax, but
the first test to connect to the hylafax daemon by using faxstat or telnet
results in a Signal 11 crash of the daemon.

Following my configuration:
SUN E450, Solaris 2.7, NIS+, gcc2.95-1, tiff-v3.4, ghostscript5.5.,

The main problems building hylafax were as follows:
- Because of low space on /usr i had to choose /opt as install destination.
- Configure failed because of test for libtiff was not successful.
LD_LIBRARY_PATH was not set to correct destination. I know this is mentioned
in the doc's therefore my fault.
- First compile run failed because of wrong makedepend path to assert.h. I
was able to fix this also with help of the mailing list.
- Next compile run failed because gcc2.95 is more restrictive. According to
hints on the mailing list, i should apply patch gcc-2.8.x.patch. This failed
also with message:

patch -p1 < gcc-2.8.x.patch
  Looks like a new-style context diff.
File to patch:

So, i found another hint on the list using compiler flag
LC++OPT -fpermissive. Afterwards the next compile run was successful but
with a lot of warning messages. Hmm.. I thougt this can be a problem at

But anyway, i install all compiled stuff, configured the modem (Zyxel Omni
288S) and tried to connect to the daemon hfaxd. Following the reported

Oct 25 14:04:48 uno HylaFAX[17765]: HylaFAX INET Protocol Server: restarted.
Oct 25 14:04:48 uno HylaFAX[17765]: HylaFAX Old Protocol Server: restarted.
Oct 25 14:04:48 uno HylaFAX[17765]: HylaFAX SNPP Protocol Server: restarted.

/opt/local/bin/faxstat -v
Trying localhost ( at port 4559 ..
Connected to localhost
Service not available, remote server closed connection

Oct 25 14:05:57 uno HylaFAX[17765]: CAUGHT SIGNAL 11

Any help greatly appreciated...

Baenninger+Huebscher AG

Rudolf Wegmann                   wegmann@loomdata.ch

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