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Re: Will 4.1b3 or 4.1 solve "no response to MPS"?

On Mon, 25 Oct 1999 08:19:43 +0100 (BST), hai scritto:

>> If this problem cannot be eliminated, I'd like a config option in
>> hylafax, turned off by default, which would be something like
>> "go on, even if you don't get a MPS response" (hylafax would send the
>You don't know when to start sending unless you get that response!
I meant that when hylafax starts asking for an MPS response it should go
straight on instead. So the "when" is when hylafax is waiting for the

>One other thing to consider is which fax class are you using; reportedly
>most Windows fax software uses class 1, which is less exposed to modem
>related problems although more exposed to timing ones.
I use class1 xonxoff.

>If it is a broken remote machine problem, you may still have to analyse
>the logs - the difference may be that you can add a line in the info file
>for that destination to weaken the protocol compliance.
Is this possible now? Can I weaken protocol compliance?

Since I can regularly reproduce the problem, could I do something about
this? Some logging to send to someone who can understand it?


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