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Re: Hylafax -> modem problem


Thanks for responding. I think had the set the baud rate wrong or
the flow control (thats the next thing I changed *shrug*) and now it
works. Thanks a lot!

BTW, Has anybody had success with MacFlex?


On 24 Oct 1999, Dmitry Bely wrote:

> "Zivago 'Jaeman' Lee" <zivago@ziff.net> writes:
> > I'm running 4.0pl2 and I have problem with faxgetty not being able to see
> > the modem. I keep getting these messages in syslog:
> > 
> > Oct 23 13:38:45 worm FaxQueuer[106]: MODEM /dev/ttyS1 appears to be
> > wedged
> > 
> > Also, in messages:
> > 
> > Oct 23 14:12:27 worm FaxGetty[875]: /dev/ttyS1: Can not initialize modem.
> > 
> > I don't know why it doing that because i'm able to talk to the modem with
> > kermit and minicom just fine. Any suggestions? Thanks..
> What is your /etc/hylafax/config.ttyS1 (just list your Modem* settings) and
> what is your modem? I suggest that you set wrong
> ModemRate/ModemFlowControl/ModemSoftReset/whatever, but who knows ... By
> the way, is your modem really connected to the /dev/ttyS1 (COM2)? Does
> minicom talk to the modem via /dev/ttyS1 (check its serial settings)?
> Hope to hear from you soon,
> Dmitry

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