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Error Message status: nothing available

Dear Person-in-charge,
                    I have been receiving bounce faxes with error status stating nothing available. Could you kindly enlighten me on this?
                    I'm currently sending faxes to China everyday by volume of 500-600 daily. Twice or thrice a week, the volume would pick up to around 1500-2000 faxes daily. I hope that you could help me again after understanding the situation I'm having.
                    The following is an example of the bounce fax with the above mentioned error message code.
Subject: facsimile job failed
Your facsimile job to could not be completed before the appointed
---- Unsent job status ----
Submitted From: localhost
Page Width: 215 (mm)
Page Length: 279 (mm)
Resolution: 196 (lpi)
Status:   (nothing available)
Dialogs: 0 (exchanges with remote device)
Dials: 0 (consecutive failed calls to destination)
Calls: 0 (total phone calls placed)
Pages: 0 (pages transmitted)
TotPages: 0 (total pages to transmit)
Attempts: 0 (attempts to send current page)
Dirnum: 0 (directory of next page to send)
                    Some of the above fields are left intentionally left blank due to confidentiality. Hope to hear from you soon.
                    Thanks and I would greatly appreciate any help.
Darryl Quek

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