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Re: WHFC send/receive prob

jgrald wrote:
> I have installed hylafax 4.1beta1 on RedHat 6.1 and am using the
> WHFC client.  My problem is if I run faxgetty ttyS0, then WHFC doesn't send
> faxes to the queue (and has no error messages).  If I just run faxmodem ttyS0
> then WHFC works fine, but I cannot receive faxes.  I have checked the documentation,
> read the WHFC faq, but I must be missing something.  Any ideas?
> Jon


seems to be a misconfiguration on the HylaFAX server, so you should
have a look in the HylaFAX documentation and FAQ. Do you have faxgetty
running ?


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