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Re: Fax not being sent

Rich wrote:
> I'm new to HylaFAX so please be gentle.
> I'm trying to use the beta RPM on a RH Linux 6.0 Intel P166 machine.
> The modem I'm using is a USR28.8 on ttyS2.  The machine is also setup
> for ip masquerading.  I think I've successfully configured most of the
> software I need to although I do have a few questions in addition to my
> problem.  If you need more info on the system let me know.
> I say most of the software seems to be set up because I can use whfc to
> send a fax and it does dial the number and seems to handshake with the
> fax machine.  However, it never sends anything.  Included at the bottom
> of the page is one of the logs from one of the attempts to send.  As you
> can see it connects to the fax on the other end and then the session is
> closed without anything being sent.  Any ideas?
> Also, I keep getting the:
>     /bin/stty: standard input: unable to perform all requested
> operations
> error when faxaddmodem is run.  The only suggestion I've found in the
> archives is that the FIFO.ttyS2 might not exist, but it does.  Is this a
> major problem or what?
> All help and suggestions are greatly appreciated,
> Richard

i got also messages saying
   /bin/stty: standard input: unable to perform all requested operations
HylaFAX 4.1b2 (source code compiled with egcs on a Suse 6.2), but
HylaFAX runs fine here.

Do you send the faxes via WHFC ? If so, don't send the first test faxes
via WHFC, try something like "sendfax -d 12344 /etc/hosts" and see if


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