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Re: FW: Will 4.1b3 or 4.1 solve "no response to MPS"?

Would it not be reasonable on the missing EOP to assume that it got there
if the other end just hangs up? From the previous posts it sounds like
that is the problem on alot of EOP's.

On Sat, 30 Oct 1999, Giulio Orsero wrote:

> On Fri, 29 Oct 1999 10:38:35 -0400, hai scritto:
> >No, it might not be the modem.  David's explanation points strongly at
> >flow control.  The port and the modem setup have to agree on this
> >topic, or Bad Things<tm> will happen.
> >See above, and check your configuration thoroughly.
> What should I check? I setup the modem with faxaddmodem, and checked
> that every command hylafax proposed matched the one in the modem manual.
> The problem happens both with class2.0 modems and class1 ones.
> Now I'm using class1, xonxoff, low resolution, low speed and still have
> the problem. I upgraded to 4.1b2 because many people said it was the tag
> line that caused problems.
> I think that if many hylafax users (see list archives) share the very
> same problem, and this problem occurs with hylafax only, then the there
> is a great chance the problem is hylafax related and not modem related.
> If the modem is set up in the wrong way, then why it fails only with
> specific fax machines? Why other fax softwares are able to set ip up and
> send faxes?
> Ciao.
> -- 
> giulioo@tiscalinet.it

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