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printing double

I just installed hylafax-4.0pl2-3rh5 on a Red Hat 6.1 system.

I set up my Red Hat 6.1 system to print faxes when they are received.  For
some reason it keeps printing 2 copies of the fax.  

First I put:
   $TIFFBIN/fax2ps $1 | lpr
after the error checking in faxrcvd.  Next I put 
   /usr/bin/fax2ps $1 | lpr  
(the absolute path to fax2ps on my system)
immediately following  #! /bin/sh.

I put is some scripting to insure that that line is executed only once.

if I use the command (from the command line):
   fax2ps [faxfile] |lpr 
I only get one copy printed. 

Does anyone have any idea why I would get 2 copies?

  --  Ed Weinberg,
      Detel, Inc., An Internet Presence Provider

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