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Re: US-Rob. Sportster Not able sending Faxes?

try removing the "@" sign from your dial-command in config.ttySx.
perhaps it help's, but be prepared for lot's of problems with your
because US-Robotics modems are known to cause many problems with
HylaFAX. I have one, and it does not like many remote machines...
have a nice day

Ralf Hesse schrieb:
> Hi,
> I have an US-Robotics K 56 voice Fax Modem what shall be similar to an
> Sportster!
> Receiving works but Sending gives allways:
> "No answer from remote"
> Does anybody has an Idea for solution?
> (S7 = 120 )
> Thanks a lot
> Please reply directly because I am not on this list.
> Ralf
> Ralf Hesse
> member of filstal online (e.V.)
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>          http://www.fto.de/~rhesse
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