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Re: fax gets lost between client and server

Rainer Fuegenstein wrote:
> Hi !
> I set up the hylafax server software on a linux server (redhat 5.2) and the whfc
> client under windows NT.On my PC, this combination works like
> a champ.
> A coworker encounters the following problem:
> after "printing" the fax, she enters the phone number in the "send fax"
> dialog, pushes the OK button, the progress bar window appears
> (without showing a progess bar) and both windows disappear after a short
> time (leaving the whfc main application window sitting on the desktop).
> the server log (var/log/messages) shows only one line:
> Oct  4 17:03:46 oskar HylaFAX[25094]: Filesystem has SysV-style file creation semantics.
> ... and nothing else.
> Anybody got an idea what the problem might be ?


sounds strange. Can she view the queues of the HylaFAX server ?

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