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Re: Still in trouble - dud modem & bugs!

In message <000000587713024852571@iainstevenson.com>, Iain Stevenson writes:
>Hi list,
>I've made some progress with getting HylaFax running under linux on a Power Ma
>c 9600/200 using the latest beta.


>I'm now pretty much convinced that the USR 56K Voice Faxmodem is not the
>device to use!

That was a given at the outset ;-)

>However, the current list of mod ems that are known to work with Hylafax is a
>little light - particularly for p eople based in the UK (maybe other places)
>where eg Zyxel doesn't seem to offe r a full range.  I could choose Multitech
>but it seems that some of their products aren't that good either.  More
>suggestions of what might work in the UK w ould be helpful.

Nothing wrong with Multitechs . . . just about the best for HylaFAX IMHO.

>I have come to the conclusion that "faxstat -v" doesn't work - on the basis th
>at the other faxstat options do the right things.

Perhaps under your setup . . . works fine here ;-)

>I have also found that faxspool and faxrunq fail.  Specifically, one can
>submit jobs with faxspool but when faxrunq is started, it issues an incorrect
>command to sendfax ie it issues "sendfax 0123456 testfax" when it should
>issue "sendfax -d 0123456 testfax".  Sendfax fails since it can't understand
>the command line.

faxspool and faxrunq? Are you sure you're not getting the mgetty+sendfax 
package confused with HylaFAX?

[root@osmin /root]# rpm -qf /usr/bin/faxrunq
[root@osmin /root]# rpm -qf /usr/bin/faxspool 


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