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MPS/EOP problem new suspect?

I'm utmost new to Hylyfax.  I spent a whole month to setup the
linux/hylafax server/whfc and finally experienced the MPS/EOP issue..

I am using chinese windows 98 SE, netscape 4.7 & chinese word/excel 97.

The hylafax log reports more or less the same as others so I don't want
to repeat.


I found that I can fax a single page, or douoble page of html files from
netscape with NO problem to all fax machines I can find and also to
another hylafax server!  Just with word/excel 97 files!

I suspect that it maybe the page length 17xx problem with tiff/ps.  Is
there is way to shorten or preset all outgoing fax page length ?!

Kenny from HK

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