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Re: sendpage & SMS with UCP protocol

>Has anyone a running configuration which can successful connect
>via UCP to D2(01722278020) in germany?
>It'd be nice if you could post your configs (../etc/config.modem and
>../etc/pagermap  and everything else essential).
I _had_ a working config for Swisscom, which uses UCP as well.

# Telepage Swiss:
                        0740(.*) 00740900003/0\1

# Swisscom Natel SMS:
                        079(.*) 00794998990/004179\1

I guess, D2 should be sth like:
                    0172(.*) 0172.../0049172\1

# hylafax defaults

# This is the messy one!  Run one call with the pagermap
# above.  Will fail, but then you have the info file
# for the provider number.  Add:
&pagingProtocol: "ucp"
&pagerSetupCmds: "AT&N0&K4

In other words: the defaults described in
http://www.hylafax.org/ixotap.php worked for me!

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