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Re: Still in trouble - dud modem & bugs!




On Sun, Nov 21, 1999, 6:41:52 pm GMT darren@hylafax.org wrote:

>>I'm now pretty much convinced that the USR 56K Voice Faxmodem is not the
>>device to use!
>That was a given at the outset ;-)

I've now got a MultiTech 2834ZDXK - looks like 99% of the send and receive problems have gone.  Maybe we should organise a mass dumping of USR modems at 3Com in Santa Clara!

>faxspool and faxrunq? Are you sure you're not getting the mgetty+sendfax
>package confused with HylaFAX?

Thanks for the tip - it looks as though mgetty+sendfax was installed when I loaded Linux PPC.  I've eradicated as many bits of it as I could find (rpm -e failed).  Hylafax is now almost working - but that's the subject of another Email.

Many thanks,


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