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Re: How to retrieve faxes with FTP

Holger Raschke wrote:

> >
> > CommID:     c00000096 (ftp://hisops:4559/log/c00000096)
> >
> > When I try to get the fax (by double-clicking on the ftp-shortcut) I get:
> > Permisssion denied.
> >
> > Which user-id must one have to get the fax?
> >
> > Gr,
> >
> > W. vdAkker
> Hi,
> there are three requirements that have to be fulfilled:
> 1.) Define the .../recvq/ as Samba share accessible to the users you
> want to allow
> 2.) Allow the ftp-access on your server
> 3.) Make sure that you are allowed to access the hylafax server (in
> hylafax hosts file)
> Hope this helps.
> Holger

What do we have to do if we have many users (who receive faxes).

For example. Person A receives a mail that he received a fax (see above)
Person B also receives a mail that he received a fax.
So far so good
They can click on the 'ftp-url' to view the fax, BUT they can also view
somebody else his fax.
Because they're all in the same dir. (/recq)

How can we do avoid that?


The Phreak

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