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Putting faxcover on the same page

Hi Ulrich,

I've posted this issue several times in the list without solution and
been seen other people with the same problem like Rimantas.

I have Hylafax4.1beta1-1rh6, Redhat 6 and WHFC. I created a little
faxcover with Tgif, and run the appropriate script to put into it the
macros to customize it.

The problem is that when sending a Fax with a Faxcover, Hylafax send the
faxcover, a blank page and then the printed document.

I detected that if I send a plain postscript faxcover without the
customizations, only the logo and corporate information, Hylafax send
the faxcover and the printed document without waste space between them.

The common point is that all people that had this problem were using
WHFC and created the Faxcover with Tgif, which doesn't mean that it's
the problem, but it could give an idea.


Rimantas Žylius wrote:
> hi,
> i am using hylafax4.0pl2 on mandrake6.0 and am pretty satisfied with it.
> though have few problems conserning customization. if anybody can help?
> 1. when i send a page from whcf, i want it to put fax cover (which is in
> fact very small, 7cm long) on the same page as the document. is it
> possible?
> besides, when i make custom faxcover with tgif, it prints faxcover on
> one page, then follows empty page, and only then document sent.

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