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initialize modem: atx0


i have a problem, maybe someone can help me: 

i run hylafax only in outgoing mode. the telephone system demands a 0
before dialling the normal number. the modem will not get a dialtone
before the 0 is sent.

just issuing the command atdt 0something will not be successful, because
the modem waits for the dialtone. ---> a deadlock.

i can circumvent this deadlock in minicom by sending atx0 before dialling.
then the modem does not wait for the dialtone, and dials the number
0something, elegantly surpassing/ignoring this hurdle. 

in hylafax i don't know where to set this command to be issued. therefore
i read the message "no dialtone" in /var/log/messages. 

my question: what is the right place in the config / config.ttyS0 files to
enter this command? 

please send your answer to: markus@relix.de

thanks in advance,


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