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Re: Modem capabilities


in the fax spooling directory (/var/spool/fax on my setup) there is a
directory called info. It contains files for each faxno dialled.
Edit the file(s) - there may be >1 if your applications sometimes use
country code/area code, sometimes not - by changing the values assigned to
the maxSignallingRate and minScanlineTime to what you want, then prefix
those lines with &


It's called "locking down" the config for a particular destination.

Best Regards,

Mark Wilson

P. Kay Associates Ltd.

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, Matthias Reich wrote:

> Hi 
> Im running a Hylafax 4. pl1 on a Solaris 2.5.1 and Hylafax newest beta
> on Solaris 2.4
> with Multitech MT1432BG modems Firmware Rev. 1.16b
> everything works fine except the following:
> We have a destination that only receives faxes correct when they are
> transmitted with
> 9600 Baud and 20ms Scantime. Every other config does not work
> (I guess the other end is a windoze box with a teles-isdn-card running a
> lousy software
> not caring about any standards).
> Watching the log-files while my modem is taking to the other end is
> quite funny.
> one time both are connecting with 9600 Baud, the next time just with
> 2400 Baud.
> the log says:
> REMOTE best speed 2400 bit/s resp. 
> REMOTE best speed 9600 bit/s.
> Is there any possibility to tell hylafax to use only 9600 Baud for every
> call to that
> destination (I read the man page for sendfax and know the -B and -b
> options
> also the MinSpeed and DesiredSpeed Parameters in the conf-file but they
> don't help
> me on my problem)
> The modem works as class2 modem
> any ???
> tia
> /Matthias
> -- 
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> Matthias Reich             fax: +49 711 7880599
> Industriestr. 62           web: http://www.hagos.de
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> Germany

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