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Re: pager question

>From what I know about Hylafax, you could find/write an email to SNPP
script and use Hylafax's SNPP port to do emai to page. There are a few
script that strip an email message. Search for the term SMS and you may
find some.

However, see this web page for software that will do email to pager.


The programs are rtnppd and rtapd which allow you to take an email, run
it through a script, pass it to a program which create a tnpp packet,
then either communicate directly to the paging system (direct TAP of
tnpp) or send it to any paging system through a modem.

It allows you to do much more too. rtnppd is a full tnpp router with
TCP/IP encapsulation and rtapd is a full tap router with the ability to
communicate with rtnppd.

Select Communications Inc.
Nicolas Belhassen wrote:
> hi
> i would like to know about pager protocol ixo/tap and how to implement a
> pager solution -email to pager-
> do you have something?
> thanks
> Nicolas Belhassen, R&D Engineer.
> LOGVision Networks a Logtel Communications company.
> Tel: (972) 3.924.7780 ext:#215
> Fax. (972) 3.924.7783
> nicolas@logtel.com

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