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Zoom Ext 14,400 Problem

I tried everything, but still I can't send any fax...

Here is a copy of my log...

Dec 24 12:13:37 ns FaxSend[22559]: MODEM ROCKWELL
Dec 24 12:13:37 ns FaxSend[22559]: SEND FAX: JOB 5
DEST 218461211 COMMID 00000005
Dec 24 12:16:40 ns FaxSend[22559]: SEND FAILED:
Unknown problem (check modem power)
Dec 24 12:16:41 ns FaxQueuer[22313]: NOTIFY:
bin/notify "sendq/q5" "requeued" "" "12:23"
Dec 24 12:16:41 ns FaxQueuer[22313]:
Bad exit status 067400 for "bin/notify "sendq/q5" "requeued" "" "12:23""

Off course, the modem power was on... and also it even dialed the
number...(yes, I've set low volume just to hear it doing something)
But as soon as the other modem responded, that was it... finished.. died

May anybody help me out with this...
If you need any setup configurations just tell me so...

Many thanx in advance

Jose Pedro Pereira
Web Developer and Network Administrator
Av. Manuel da Maia, 36 3 esq. 
Tel:+351 21 8461212
Fax:+351 21 8461211
Celular: +351 96 6631443
email: jp@sitaf.pt
Web Site: http://www.sitaf.pt

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