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[ANN] Re: Spam to this list

I can't see any reason why someone shouldn't be required to subscribe before
sending email to the list. It is only polite that they can share the answer
with everyone else rather than requesting a private email. This isn't a
personalised help centre.

In that vein, it would also help the accumulation of answers in the archives
if the default reply-to address was the list rather than the original

Does the list administrator receive messages from this list? If not, where
do we contact them?


on 24/12/99 9:21 am, Keith Gray at keith@hcs.com.au wrote:

> Aristedes Maniatis wrote:
>> Am I the only one receiving spam through the celestial list server or is it
>> a general problem. Today I received  a mobile phone spam (headers follow).
> We all get it...
> Closing makes it difficult for non subscribers though... doesn't it?
> Send an objection to the source, to abuse@.... or to CERT.
> Keith

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