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Re: faxygetty and faxmodem


> I am looking into setting up a system to be used for the following:
>         The ability to send faxes by e-mail and by printing from a windows
>         or mac machine.
>         The ability to receive faxes that will all get forwarded to a
>         particular e-mail address.
> I want to make sure I understand the docs well before I take the plunge
> into the configuration of HylaFax.  One item that I am a bit confused
> about is the inbound/outbound setup of HylaFax.
> The documentation says that faxmodem is to be used for only setups that
> involve only outbound faxes.  I am guessing that this means that I do not
> want to use faxmodem.  Since I will want HylaFax to not only send, but
> also to receive faxes, I am guessing that I will need to follow the
> setup instructions for configuration with faxgetty and I will not need to
> run the faxmodem command at all, am I correct?  What I am asking is:  if I
> use faxgetty to control access to the modem, I will not need to use
> faxmodem, right?


> Okay, I have another question for you experts: :)
> The current setup I will have will utilize one analog line, and one modem,
> so when HylaFax is not busy sending a fax, it can receive a fax.  I do,
> however, anticipate increasing traffic on that analog line.  As a result
> of that, I would eventually like to add another modem and analog line to
> the mix and have one modem used for outgoing faxes and one used for
> incoming faxes.  What's involved in migrating from one modem to two
> modems?  Would I still be using faxgetty and NOT be using
> faxmodem?

Don't hesitate to use faxgetty even in this configuration. It is the
recommended setup even in a send only configuration.

> Wait, one more question (ugh, sorry for all these questions, I just want
> to make sure I understand everything): :)
> I am currently using a USR V. everything courier modem.  It supports class
> 1 and 2.0, but not 2, is that a big deal in the world of faxing?

class 1 works well for faxing;
if you want to dial-in through the same modem, you have to use class

Hope this helps.

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