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WHFC and HylaFax 4.1beta2 password problem.

Sun Solaris 2.6 on Sparc 20 running HylaFax 4.1beta2 for testing...

I've been reading the threads on the password issues but I haven't been able
to get a clear cut understanding as to how the hosts.hfaxd works.  I know
that I can put an IP address or hostnames in there to all access.  However,
what I have not been able to find is a way to allow DHCP users on our LAN to
use the fax server.  Is there a way to assign a range of IP addresses in the
hosts.hfaxd file?  I tried to put an entry to allow everybody in the domain
to access the HylaFax server but I guess somewhere along the line, the full
hostname is not being resolved and since DHCP assigns the IP addresses, the
hostname is never named.

Secondly, can the hosts.hfaxd file not contain any user information and just
run with the host information?  I've been trying different combinations to
no avail.

This is what I have now in the hosts.hfaxd...

localhost               	# localhost               	# localhost
.*\.xyz\.com$		# anybody at xyz.com
192.168.*.*		# anybody in the 192.168 class address

Can some offer me any assistance on this?



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