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Re: Faxing HTML files

You wrote:
> I am trying to get HTML files to fax as html rather than html-code.
Looking in
> the HylaFAQ, I am told to install html2ps and add some lines to my
> /usr/share/fax/typerules file.
> All well and good, and everything is installed as far as I can tell.
> when using the sendfax command, it still sends the html as html-code.
Yes, I
> restarted the hfaxd.  =)

No need to restart anything, the typerules file is reread everytime you
a fax to sendfax.

Two things to try.

1. Check that your html2ps is installed properly and you are calling it
   by running it on the command line.

2. The beginning of html files can vary a lot; have a look at the first line
in your
   test html file and ensure that the rules you have added to typerules will

Please let us know how you get on.

Phil Watkinson,
Leicester, UK.

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