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Re: Owerhsip Problems???

Gerry Doris wrote:
> I recently upgraded the version of Hylafax and whfc I've been using.  Everything
> was fine before but now I'm having access problems from whfc when viewing files.
> When I start whfc I can see the fax files that I've received sitting in the
> /var/spool/fax/recvq directory.  However, when I click on the binocular icon to
> view them I'm told that the viewing program can't locate them.  I believe the
> real problem is the viewing program doesn't have access to the directory.
> If I access the files through network neigborhood first it will work.  The
> win98 system running whfc has the samba password saved and uses it.  Once
> that's done once I can then go back and use whfc's viewer to look at the files.
> How do I fix this?


create a share on the Win98 machine instead using network neigborhood.

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