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Unable to configure modem for fax use

I'm trying to get my HylaFAX 4.0pl2 stabilized after a machine move (to
HP/UX 10.20), with a ZyXEL 1496e.  Lots o' problems... :-(

One thing I keep having an occasional problem with is, a job dumped without
retry, with the logged message, "Unable to configure modem for fax use".
Appears that the modem, during initialization, has stopped responding in the
middle, and HylaFAX times it out.

Overall, this happens not too often, jobs are going generally OK.  A
subsequent job initializes the modem OK and goes through.  Is there some
reason why HylaFAX dumps the job after one failure, and can it be told to
try again?

Thanks for any hints.

Alan Sparks, Principal Network Analyst       <asparks@cpd.harris.com>
Harris Corporation, Camarillo CA                   (805) 389-2430

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