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Re: modem dials while my receiver hums

> 	excuse the lack of technical terms.  My modem often dials, yet my
> receiver is still humming(I listen in).  By humming, I mean the sound the phone
> makes when you pick up the receiver before dialing.
>   	So the modem dials, the
> receiver is humming.  My modem starts beeping, eventually my phone starts
> making the off hook beeping noise and my modem takes this as a busy signal.  In
> fact, the other side was never even rung up.

Modem problem, provided that the ATX parameter is set to require dial

Failing to break dial tone is a modem (dial tone too weak) or phone
system (presenting dial tone when there is no dial tone decoder available)

Software configuration problems that might just cause this:

- non-standard ATX settings which disable dial tone detect, but any
  tone sent after the tone starts should break it;

- configuring tone dialing on a pulse only line;

- not overriding the pulse length when using a modem not designed for
  the network in use.

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