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RSPREC error/got DCN


I recently installed the hylafax 4.1 beta 1 RPM on a RedHat 6.0 box using
Kernel 2.2.13.  I have installed two USR external modems, one is 33.6 and
the other 56.  Everything appears to be working now except for one thing,
RSPREC error/got DCN.  I have been making attempts to find the answer to my
query in the archives but I haven't had too much success.  The most
informative posting I have found so far is one that says this error message
is merely cosmetic.   I was hoping I could get a little more information
before the computer goes production.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


Evan Kehayias, CNA, CNE4, MCP
IT Specialist at Moving Comfort, Inc.
email: ekehayia@movingcomfort.com
phone: 703.631.1000 x130

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