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I have a Multi-Tech systems MT2834ZDX/0317I modem, connected to a RH6
box using hylafax-4.1beta1.

I am able to send faxes fine to the sites I've tested (that I know have
real fax machines).  However, I have a free Jfax account, which
basically gives me a number somewhere that will accept faxes for me,
then mails me the faxes as attachments.  I got this account so I could
test HylaFax...

The Jfax server, when called, answers with an automated voice message,
saying something like "to leave a voice mail press 1, to send a fax,
just start faxing...".  Well, the Multi-Tech modem never seems to "just
start faxing".  In fact, it seems like it's sitting on the line waiting
for some verification from the other end (the Jfax server) to give it
the go-ahead to start sending information.  

What's strange, is that I had originally configured HylaFax with a USR
56K Sportster, which turned out to have loads of other problems.  One
thing it could do correctly, however, was send faxes to the JFax

I guess I really don't _need_ to send faxes to that account, but I'd
like to be able to, since it's a very good debugging tool.  It seems
like it may be a configuration issue with the modem, but I'm not sure.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!



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