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Re: FAX with letter head

> I'm using html2ps.
> What you do is convert your plain text to an html document by placing a
> <HTML> at the top and
> </HTML> at the bottom
> and a <BR> at every Linefeed/Return

That's not sufficient.  I'd advise against this method as it is a 
roundabout hack.  The correct way of doing this is to convert to
postscript and add the image into the postscript.  A little more
work is involved, and, as I don't have a need to do this, I can't
give a worked solution, but the work shouldn't be much more than
that to track down all the packages used by html2ps.

If you still want to do it this way, you must also convert all
occurences of "&" to "&amp;" and all occurences of "<" to "&lt;".
Normally people also convert all ">"s to "&gt;" and all '"'s to

To get more reliable layout, you should put the text in a <PRE>
block, not use <BR>.

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