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RE: [Hylafax] Questions & Problems

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> Behalf Of Alan Sparks
> Sent: Sunday, January 30, 2000 7:10 AM
> To: Famille Chauvat
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> Subject: Re: flexfax: [Hylafax] Questions & Problems
> Famille Chauvat wrote:
> >
> > first: why, when the remote fax say "Ok to 2-D MR", hylafax use 1-D MR ?
> Any chance you have the configuration parameter:
> Use2D: No
> in your spool/etc/config?
i have the same problem.
the config file does not contain Use2D: No

i use a us robotics sportser, don't know the exact type.
it runs without mayor problems (send only).
currently i use class 2.0 (i think i tried class 1 also without
succes in 2D, but i am not 100% sure).



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