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data/fax server in a telecommunication system environment


I'm using the HylaFAX binary distribution that comes along with SuSE Linux
6.1. The installed modem is a generic rockwell voice/data/fax modem which is
by itself able to determine the type of an incoming call (voice, fax or
data). My aim is to use my PC as fax and data call filter. Incoming fax and
data calls should be answered by the PC directly. When a voice call is
detected the PC should put the line on hold, dial a number to connect to
another telefon branch and hang up. That branch connects to a telephone and
an answering machine. I know that I could configure HylaFAX to do the job of
the answering machine, but I don't want to. Instead, I want to use the
familiar answering machine (and the telephone as well).

So the questions are as follows:

- Is HylaFAX resp. faxgetty able to connect to another telephone branch?
- What is the basic scheme to do so?
- What modem commands has faxgetty to know to do so, i.e. how has the modem
to be configured?
- Is faxgetty sufficient for what I intend to do?

Thanks for answers,

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