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Re: [Hylafax] Questions & Problems

Check out


for some info (possibly outdated, though) on USR modems.  

I originally tried setting up HylaFax with a USR Sportster 56K modem,
and had all kinds of trouble.  The best I could ever get out of it was
something like a 70% success rate (for incoming and outgoing faxes).
This is on a RH 6.0 system.

Of course, I'm sure some of that is due to my lack of
knowlege/experience with HylaFax and fax protocols in general.  However,
after switching to a recommended modem (see:
http://www.hylafax.org/modems.php, I chose the Multi-Tech MT2834ZDX)
all my problems went away and I look like a genius :)

Anyway, that's just my (limited) experience...


On: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 13:42:34 GMT
Famille Chauvat wrote:
>Hello Alan,
>Thank you for your respons. I'll check it.
>My modem is an US RObotics 56K - Not a winmodem, I work with Linux.

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