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[USR 56K] Windows & Linux

Hello there,

I'm a fan of Unix and Linux, so the i'm not very happy to write the
lines below. I would like to understand something, just to have a good
I tried, perhaps 10 times to send 2 faxes.
-- first one page,
-- second 2 pages.
10 times bad and doesn't work.
So i decide to send with RapidComm, the software shiped with the modem.
And it works fine. The receiver now receive their faxes...
So what's happend ? What's the matter ?

You know, datas were sent with Linux and only the respons of
MorePageSame document and End Of document were bad.
So i would like (i want ! :-)) ) to understand.

I know that many of you prefere MultiTech modems, but ...

Regards and thanks a lot for those who can help me.


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