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Re: [Hylafax] Questions & Problems

> I check my config files: no "Use2D: No" anywhere... :-(

Hylafax makes the decision on the coding before it dials, as 
imaging the fax can be slow, so it doesn't want to do it in
real time.  If it has called a number recently, it uses the
values stored in the info/<phone-number> file for that number,
otherwise it uses defaults.  I can't remember the defaults, but
I think they tend to be conservative, so that the first call
to a number may well be 1D.

Also, if you dial into a modem pool, you can end up with some
modems that support 2D and some that don't.  In that case, you
actually have to mark the info file entries as permanent, using
an & prefix, otherwise you will get a lot of calls which fail
because they hit a 1D modem when the fax has been prepared for
the 2D one that answered last time.

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