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Re: [USR 56K] Windows & Linux

Check out


for a list of user-tested modems, and also check out


for some tips on getting the USR modems to work better.  As I've said
before on this list, I couldn't get my USR Sportster 56K to work as well
as I wanted it to (of course, YMMV), and went with a Multi-Tech
MT2834ZDX based on the list above.  There were many other modems that I
could have chosen based on that list, that most likely would have worked
just as well as the MT.  I really just wanted a rock solid modem (which
I now have).

I don't believe that there is any inherent problem with HylaFax or Linux
-- I think the problem has more to do with modems (such as the USR) that
have crappy firmware, or don't support whatever protocols they say they
support as well as they should.


On: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 03:51:06 GMT
Famille Chauvat wrote:
>Hello there,
>I'm a fan of Unix and Linux, so the i'm not very happy to write the
>lines below. I would like to understand something, just to have a good
>I tried, perhaps 10 times to send 2 faxes.
>-- first one page,
>-- second 2 pages.
>10 times bad and doesn't work.
>So i decide to send with RapidComm, the software shiped with the modem.
>And it works fine. The receiver now receive their faxes...
>So what's happend ? What's the matter ?
>You know, datas were sent with Linux and only the respons of
>MorePageSame document and End Of document were bad.
>So i would like (i want ! :-)) ) to understand.
>I know that many of you prefere MultiTech modems, but ...
>Regards and thanks a lot for those who can help me.

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