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RE: Maxtries > 12, MaxDials > 12

Thank you David for your comments.

All my client really wants is for the jobs to not fail so quickly so they
have a chance to give the client a ring and tell  them their machine is out
of paper or whatever.  They want the jobs to be alive for 2 days.  I am now
trying to have MaxDials = 12, MaxTries = 12, and JobReq* = 14400 (4 hours).

I am not convinced that all these parameters work as advertised.  There seem
to be plenty of rescheduled jobs that do not obey the 4 hour request.  I am
still collecting data so I can't say much conclusively yet.

If anyone has some alternative suggestions, I am all ears.


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> > I have adjusted these parameters to values less than 12 but greater than
> 12
> > does not seem to work.  My client wants these set to 48.  Don''t ask.  I
> Most countries have legal restrictions on the retry strategy for 
> automatic dialers; it is possible that these limits have been put there
> for legal reasons, if they are  real restrictions.  I'd advise consulting
> your telephone company before setting such an aggressive number of
> attempts.
> (Fast retries can waste network resources, or overload it, as well 
> as exacerbating the effect of slow retries.  Large numbers of retries to
> a wrong number may hit a "little old lady" and cause real fear in 
> a domestic subscriber that doesn't understand what is happening.)

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