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Distribute incomming faxes

Hi @ll

I want distribute incomming faxes, but I dont want to distibute them by the
senders number. I only have one modem, but I have to forward incomming
faxes to different departments. I have one idea:
I want to create 50 virtuell phone numbers which will all forward to my
Creatix 2834 Turbo Modem. Then I will use the forwarding numbers to
distribute the faxes. Is this possible? Do anyone have another idea? Who
can tell me what I must do?

thanks for your supply!

PS: sorry for that bad english :)

mfg, Carsten Beutenmüller
reiff medien			Tel.: 0781/504-6300
Carsten Beutenmüller		Fax : 0781/504-1189
Technologiezentrum		E-Mail: carsten.beutenmueller@reiff.de
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77656 Offenburg

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