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RE: [Hylafax] Questions & Problems

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> Sent: Monday, January 31, 2000 9:13 AM
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> Subject: Re: flexfax: [Hylafax] Questions & Problems
> > I check my config files: no "Use2D: No" anywhere... :-(
> Hylafax makes the decision on the coding before it dials, as 
> imaging the fax can be slow, so it doesn't want to do it in
> real time.  If it has called a number recently, it uses the
> values stored in the info/<phone-number> file for that number,
> otherwise it uses defaults.  I can't remember the defaults, but
> I think they tend to be conservative, so that the first call
> to a number may well be 1D.

i have one hylafax machine where 
  supports2DEncoding:yes is in info/<phone-number> and 
  no "Use2D: no" is in config.xxx 
and still the fax is sent with 1-D.

What else might be the reason?



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