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Re: Hylafax not sending (faxq hanging?)

M. Dragon:
>Attempting to send a fax hangs forever (that is, sendfax works ok, but
>the job just sits on the server with a 'R' status) furthermore faxrm hangs
>when trying to remove the job.
>looking at the logs, and running 'top', faxq seems to be hanging. It forks
>a copy of itself, and the forked proc sits there chewing massive amts of
>cpu till I hit it w/ a kill -9. This happens, apparently just after it
>converts the documents for transmission. 

See my mail on this list a couple of days ago. 4.0PL2 apparently has an
incompatibility with recent TIFF versions that causes this error (and
also another one which makes faxgetty behave similar). The solution
that worked for me is to compile 4.0PL2 against TIFF-3.4 (cured both


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