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Re: Make /var/spool/fax/bin/ps2fax a link to /var/spool/fax/bin/ps2fax.gs.

John Schmerold:
>When running faxsetup, I get following message:
>Make /var/spool/fax/bin/ps2fax a link to /var/spool/fax/bin/ps2fax.gs.
>What does this mean?

It tells you that faxsetup did a

ln -s /var/spool/fax/bin/ps2fax.gs /var/spool/fax/bin/ps2fax

There are three different versions for ps2fax in /var/spool/fax/bin.
Faxsetup will chose the appropriate method for your system and make this
known under the name ps2fax. If you don't have an IRIX system, fax2ps.gs
is the correct (and only) choice.

>How do I fix it?

Why would you want to do that?


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