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Re: how to merge to ps files ?

> ps files that I only need ONE sheet of paper without duplexing. I've found 
> psnup that will nearly do what I want (the text from the notify script is 
> scaled down and printed nicely) but I fails to print the scaled down fax 
> image. Anyone knows another tools to do that ps merging ?

General merging of PS files is a difficult problem, which can probably
only be done with a full postscript interpreter.  psnup requires that
all the utility procedures in the postscript be before the first page,
and obviously that there be no conflicts.  It also requires Document
Structure Comments.  Its psmerge tool documentation explicitly states
that it only works for a subset of documents produced by the same

If you are lucky, the fax image may be compatible with use as encapsulated
postscript, so you could try getting hold of the Postscript language 
specification and writing a tool to embed it as such.

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