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whfc, hylafax and not faxing (ghostscript?)

whfc latest beta V1.10 running on win98SE.
hylafax 4.1beta 2 running on Linux
ghostscript is Alladin Ghostscript v5.50 running on Linux

I'm getting the infamous "Could not reopen converted document to verify format

Check any PostScript documents for non-standard fonts and invalid constructs.

I have tried both the apple laser writer, the hp postscript driver (4M), and 
the adobe generic postscriupt driver.

However I am unable to get any scanned and fax images to fax correctly.  I am 
still in the process of re-testing the configuration after all the upgrades to 
make sure I can still send word documents.

Ideas on how to debug this.  I need to actaully see what errors are in the 
poscript so that I can write a program to strip it out.

Anyone have any luck with any particular drivers on win98?

Ted Serreyn
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