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Re: NEWBIE questions u-oh something went wrong

	I use SuSE 6.2 .  Take my advice.  Upgrade your HylaFax.  It's very very
easy.  The version of HylfaFax you have is 4.0 etc.  You can grab the
4.1 beta 2 version off of the SuSE site.  YAST will install the rpm for you, so
don't sweat it.  Here is what I did:
A.    Download the rpm compiled for SuSE from SuSE:

      USA site mirror - ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/suse/i386/6.3/suse/n1/

      German site mirror - ftp://ftp.gwdg.de:/pub/linux/suse/6.3_update/n1/

    B.    Uninstall the old HylaFax via YAST, if you already installed it.
	Note:  Uninstall mgetty and sendfax too.  You don't need them, and they
can conflict with HylaFax.

    C.    Install the 4.1 beta 2 version of HylaFax

	Go into YAST. "Choose/install packages"->"Install packages"

      Hit <enter>

      Type in the directory path where the downloaded HylaFax rpm is.

      Hit <enter> to show a list of all files.

      Choose and install.

	That's it.  Easy.
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