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Attachments in proprietary formats (i.e. Word)

Hi all,

I checked the archives and this doesn't seem to have been touched
recently: I want to be able to send word etc documents as attachments from
Windows. The problem is, of course, that Hylafax can't really do anything
much with those closed formats. So, I figured these were probable
- Somehow get WHFC to ask for attachments and print them locally
- Make a sort of server that runs on a Win box (or VM-Ware for the
purists) and gets files, lets the software print them, sends them back.

The first solution is rather straightforward and mostly ok, but I prodded
the author of WHFC and he didn't write back. Closed source, so no sigar.
The second solution would also allow a mail gateway to work. Thing is, no
such program exists AFAIK, so I'd have to write it. 
No problem, I'd be happy to, but I don't know how to make windows print an
arbitrary document, and I spent quite some time searching.

So in conclusion: Is there already a solution? Would the guy from WHFC
ever put attachments in? Or else: Who can give me pointers on how to do
this stuff? DJGPP preferred, for obvious reasons, but I also have a copy
of Visual C++. Oh, and I never totally programmed a Win32 proggy :)



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