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Re: NEWBIE questions u-oh something went wrong


On Fri, 4 Feb 2000, Menno Schaap wrote:

> Hello!
> Since I am for the first time here I do not know what is going on at this
> moment, so I will drop a few questions hoping that there is anyone who has an
> answer.
> I installed Hylafax 4.0p12 on Suse 6.2 with a rockwell based 56k modem. In my
> System's log i get these messages and i do not have a clue:

Consider going to 4.1b2 for other reasons.

> Feb  4 15:53:27 thuis FaxQueuer[468]: Missing ':' separator in modem class specification

Read your config files. *CAREFULLY*. I think there is a problem there,
and I can't tell you which line without digging more deeply.

> I think I configured my modem well just as the rest, telnetting to the port
> works, so the server should work. In my opinion it is obvious a communication
> problem. I did not mess with the config.modem since I do not see a reason to do
> so. It looks just fine. I configured by typing "faxsetup" I also reconfigured it
> with the seperate programs and probemodem and things.  I attached my
> config.modem so that you may verify. 

Did you run faxaddmodem? Did you perhaps enter something incorrect
there that has wound up in the "config" file or the "config.modem"

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