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Re: Attachments in proprietary formats (i.e. Word)

> > > Wout Mertens:
> > > >I checked the archives and this doesn't seem to have been touched
> > > >recently: I want to be able to send word etc documents as attachments from
> > > >Windows. The problem is, of course, that Hylafax can't really do anything
> > > >much with those closed formats. So, I figured these were probable
> > > >solutions:
> > > >- Somehow get WHFC to ask for attachments and print them locally
> > > >- Make a sort of server that runs on a Win box (or VM-Ware for the
> > > >purists) and gets files, lets the software print them, sends them back.

> > What does work is make a macro that asks what documents should be added
> > and then prints each of them to file and sends everything with e-mail to a
> > fax gateway.
> > And the other viable option is making a complete MAPI transport agent that
> > renders each file given to postscript (or TIFF, preferrably), via the
> > shell extensions. I know the method for printing a random file to a
> > certain printer via windows (done some reading), so now all I need is the
> > specs for a transport agent or the source for WHFC :).
> > Speaking of that latter, does anybody know if the author of WHFC is still
> > working on the product, and how he can be reached?
> > 
> > If anybody wants to help me with that transport agent or any other option,
> > give me a holler, OK?

> I don't understand what you're having trouble with here.
> I use WHFC and after registering it I have what *looks like* a Windows
> system printer.  You print to it, WHFC's dialog box (for the destination)
> comes up.  Put in the fax number, hit "OK", and off it goes.
> This works from ALL applications.  You just install a LaserWriter II as the
> "printer driver" (Postscript) and then connect it to the WHFC "port" that
> gets registered.

Very correct, but it does not allow you to include attachments. Which is
what we really need to do. It is also not possible to merge faxes to the
same number together in one call, since that is not supported by Hylafax
(yet). It is also not possible to print all the documents to one output,
since word doesn't let you :(.


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