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RE: Attachments in proprietary formats (i.e. Word)

> And the other viable option is making a complete MAPI transport agent that
> renders each file given to postscript (or TIFF, preferrably), via the
> shell extensions. I know the method for printing a random file to a
> certain printer via windows (done some reading),
Can you give me more info how you do this? Thanks!

> so now all I need is the
> specs for a transport agent or the source for WHFC :).
> Speaking of that latter, does anybody know if the author of WHFC is still
> working on the product, and how he can be reached?
see his eMail address somewhere on the homepage of whfc.
he is sometimes answering posts to this list.

> If anybody wants to help me with that transport agent or any other option,
> give me a holler, OK?
What do you mean with transport agent?
You want to transport a PS/Tiff-File to Hylafax?
I have experience in communicating with the Hylafax-Server from Java direct
and there is also a solution whitch needs samba on the machine where hylafax
You app prints to a samba-printer, samba starts a perl-script which talks
via TCP with
you own process (not necesarilly the process which printed the file), your
can then give all the parameters you want for sendfax to the perl script and
then this
perl script will start sendfax. there must be a link to response and/or
on the hylafax contrib page. i have a modification of printfax.pl which is
flexible than the original one.


> Thanks for all the responses so far!
> Wout.

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