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RE: Attachments in proprietary formats (i.e. Word)

Hi Wout,
here is my next answer:

> > how do you temporarily change the default printer?
> I have to admit I haven't tested this yet, but the only place I found
> anything about defaults is in the registry. start regedit and search for
> printer in LOCAL_MACHINE. (I am not on a Winbox right now)
> So it would be: save key, change key, print, restore key.
thanks for the idea, maybe i will need this in the future. if you have
more details about which key, please let me know!

> > Sounds good but i do not have knowlede how to make a transport agent.
> Neither do I :(

> > Isn`t this very MS-depended? Is there MAPI on linux?
> Yes, but the point is making a client for MS, no? :)
for me, not for 100%, im am more interrested in java.

> > i have a java client which displays the queues in a much end
> user friendlier
> > way than whfc. it has buttons like "view Fax" (via external
> viewer) or "send
> > fax again". (no fax sending yet)
> URL?
not yet, i may mail you the code if you would like.
(the current version is not stable enough
for deployment, but this will change the next days)

this smb-printer does not really exist in the server side.
i have no real knowlegde about unix print filters.
all you need on the server side is an entry in the samba configuration file.
on the client you need a PS-printer driver which can print to this printer
on the server side.
on windows, just install the drivers and connect it to \\server\printername
(and not to lptx)
the configuration on the server has one line which contains the name
of sript to start when there comes a file from a client. This script
is given the name of the file (ps file in this case) as a parameter
(see respond/printfax.pl on hylafax contrib page)
The script may be in perl or any other executable file.

> > - client sents first page of fax to smb-printer
> I think this has to be first document...
> > - samba starts perl script
> And that script is probably started by the printer filter, no?
see above, have a look at respind/printfax.pl, especially the note
about smb.conf

> > - perl script asks (windows) client about tel# and attachments
> >   problem: if client prints the attachmants to the same
> smb-printer another
> > perl script
> >   will be started from samba (i guess), maybe you just create
> another samba
> > printer
> >   which handles attachments (and talks to your client also over another
> > port)
> >   and somehow communicates with the first script?
> Hmmm... Better to see if another perl script is talking _to the same
> client_, and if so say something along the lines of here's an attachment
> :). A fifo will do fine...
thatīs what i wanted to say.

> >   i gues it should also be possible to transfer a ps-file from
> client over
> > TCP to
> >   the perl script on the server (i cannot do it)
> Hmmm... Maybe the net print commando if that exsts? Just sends it to the
> printer as well... And ftp should not be that difficult.
net print on windows cannot start new jobs (as far as i know)

> Well, it looks doable, no? So this is a portable alternative. Hey, is it
> possible for a java applet to disappear from the taskbar and only have an
> icon in the system tray? Which would be not so portable any more of
> course...
java applets run inside a browser, i only have an application.
i am pretty shure they can hide from the taskbar (see the java client on
response/printfax.pl), and as far as i know, java knows nothing
about the system tray from win*.

> > > The disadvantage is of course that the client app has to be
> running the
> > > whole time.
> > yes. but if it does not, the job just breaks in the perl script, no
> > deadlocks in communication (for me).
> > the user just starts the client and then starts printing/faxing again.
> Hmmm... Not really the ultimate in user-friendlyness :). I'm still not
> totally happy.
you ar right. not a problem for my clients at this time.

> So this is alternative 1 for sending attachments from windows:
> - make samba trick work
> - tweak perl script for attachment support
> - interface with perl script from java applet
for me, this is would be the most easiest way to go...

> Alternative 2:
> Make WHFC support attachments directly with the printing technique
> described above
> Alternative 3:
> Make WHFC support 'subqueues' (see other message), in other words, do
> the same as the perl script but locally. Only send the fax when the user
> says he's done. So the user has to print every attachment himself.
see the answer of the author of whfc

> Alternative 4:
> Make a transport agent for MAPI that does what we want. In fact this would
> be an extension on parts of WHFC I guess.
> This is probably the most work but also the most complete.
i have know knowlegde of MAPI transport agent.

> Alternative 5:
> Make a macro in Word that asks for attachments and prints them to file and
> then sends everything as a mail with attachments to a mail/fax gateway.
> This would work for me, but not for everyone and it kinda sucks I think.
have the macro put everything in one file and then send it via whfc?
have a look at whfc ole automation (i forgot about this)

alternative 6:
do you know winfax? winfax also handles attachements. i never used them.
winfax has a built in hardware abstraction layer. there should be docu
from symantec available. you can control winfax via ole automation.
this is very ms- and symantec- dependend, i do not have time to dig into
but this would be realy user friendly.

> I'm going to try to contact the author of WHFC again, and if he doesn't
> respond maybe we could work on alternative 1?
im am interrested, but i can not promise any time schedule.


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