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sending SMS in germany

Hi everyone,

i have so far managed to get SMS to D1 working, the solution was to add
&PagerTTYParity: none in the info file for the D1 number
thanks to everyone who helped me get this working

Now im facing an even more  interesting problem:
im sending SMS to eplus via the eplus SMSC (01771167)
the SMSC accepts the SMS but it gets never delivered to the person its
sent to? anyone have ever experienced something similar and have a
solution for me?

The same happens sending SMS to viaginterkom numbers (either via eplus or
does sending sms messages to other nets doesent work at all?
has anyone managed to get sms service to viag interkom working?
the phone number for the SMSC on viags website (01760000443)  unfortunatly
seems not to be callable, im always getting a busy signal, any ideas on
this one?

Arne Hueggenberg
Products & Development
* ID-PRO GmbH Arnsberg
* Tel: +49 (0)2932 - 916 - 0
* Fax: +49 (0)2932 - 916 - 230
* mailto:hueggenberg@ID-PRO.de
* http://open-for-the-better.com 

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